MASHIKE: Savor the historic town of northern Hokkaido

Ever since a fishing harbor opened approximately 260 years ago, Mashike’s been the oldest flourishing town in northern Hokkaido. Buildings and the townscape exert the sense of antiquity, creating relaxing atmosphere. From its rich history, natural drama to the delicious and fresh local fare, you can enjoy the multidimensional experience offered by Mashike.


Historical sites nestled throughout the town

Old Maruichi-Honma Residence : Symbol of the town and the Important Cultural Property of Japan.

The home of Taizo Honma, the founder of Kunimare Sake Brewery, Old Maruichi – Honma Residence has been beautifully preserved that it stands gracefully as it did 100 years ago. Inside the residence, you may enjoy the displays of various elegant antique pieces.

Sengokugura : Representing the history of once thriving herring fishing industry.

Sengokugura is estimated to be over 100 years old. Today it is used as event venue as well as an archive room. A fishing boat, other fishing equipment, and photographs that represent the history of once thriving herring fishing industry are exhibited. Entrance is free of charge.

Mashike Station :The terminal station of Rumoi Main Line.

Running along the coast of Sea of Japan, a ride on Rumoi Main Line unfolds quaint scene out the window. The station has been featured in many films. The train now only operates during set period.


Mashike's natural landscape and sea-lapped shores offer fresh and delicious fare from the sea and the land.

Salmon Run : Catch the mystical moment.

In autumn, you can observe the salmon run at Rausu River. The magnificent spectacle of salmon making the journey from the ocean back to their native spawning ground up the river is another enticing offering of Mashike.

The northernmost fruit-growing district filled with zingy scent.

At the foot of Mount Shokanbetsu are a vast area of fruit farms. Cherries, pears, and apples grown here are all very sweet and delicious. Grapes and European pears are also harvested at later season.


Shokanbetsudake Mountains : Mountains with snow remaining until early summer:

Quasi-National Park・Mount Shokanbetsu

Mount Shokanbetsu, 1,492m, is the highest of the Mashike Mountains. In summer, you can hike to see beautiful alpine plants indigenous to the region. If you visit in winter, the mountain offers gorgeous ski slopes.

Hakugin Waterfall :A waterfall adjacent to the stunning coastline.

The dramatic view of water descending the vertical rock bed reminds us that Mashike is endowed with rich nature. In winter, the frozen waterfall brings out a different facet.


Enjoy the wonderfully wild coastline.

Giant rocks along Ofuyu Coast

Along Ofuyu Coast, there are series of strangely shaped rocks and capes jutting out into the Sea of Japan. Take the scenic drive on Ororon Line and you’ll encounter various unique looking rocks and cliffs. High coverage by tunnels along the coastline is another distinctive character of the driving route.

Enjoy the panoramic view over the ocean: Ofuyu Cape Observatory

Ofuyu Cape Observatory stands 135 meters above sea level. From the observatory, you will see the Shakotan Peninsula, Teuri and Yagishiri islands on the horizon. On the left of the observatory, a magnificent vertical cliff with columnar jointing appears right in front of you.