Stone-built warehouses take you back to 19th century.

At Kunimare Sake Brewery, some areas are kept open to the public. A stone-built warehouse that’s been in use for over almost 150 years now serves as an archive room. Other parts are turned into souvenir shops. We host series of events including Sake tasting. Come and enjoy our sake while immersing yourself in rich heritage. the historical setting.
★ 1 [Entrance Area] A Higuma brown bear welcomes you at the entrance.
★ 2 [Souvenir Shop] The shop sells Sake as well as a wide range of other goods.
★ 3 [Japanese Room] Take a look at some exhibits of films that were shot on site.
★ 4 [Archive Room] Surround yourself with old Sake labels and bottle displays to feel the history of Kunimare Sake Brewery.
★ 5 [Water Well] Enjoy the taste of subsoil water nurtured by the beautiful nature of Hokkaido.
★ 6 [Storage Tank] A warehouse filled with array of tanks.
★ 7 [Tasting Corner] Visitors may enjoy various Sake at the tasting corner inside the warehouse.
★ 8 [Rice Granary Gallery] During the period when the rice granary is not in use, we host various events inside.
★ 9 [Parking Space] Our parking space is spacious enough to accommodate large tour busses.

A Higuma brown bear welcomes you with a bottle of KUNIMARE.

In the lounge next to the entrance, a Higuma brown bear greets the you with a bottle of KUNIMARE in his hand. You can also purchase locally grown fresh vegetables here. Many visitors take photographs in front of unique displays as souvenirs.

Showshop of Japanese accessories and various cat-printed tenugui towels.

In northern Hokkaido, we have the best range of products from Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, a sought-after 300 year old Nara-born company. Other Japanese products have also been popular.

A traditional Japanese room with Engawa-veranda.

The room is filled with exclusive exhibits from film shooting. Entering the room, it feels like you’ve travelled back in time to 1880s. Take your shoes off, and enjoy a moment of break here.

Getting connected to Kunimare’s long history.

Centering around a pillar made of centenarian tree, antique Sake brewing tools, cups, and old labels are exhibited. A wall is adorned with Sake bottles that is suggestive of the space formerly being used as a warehouse for generations.

Subsoil water that creates KUNIMARE

We have two spots where you can enjoy some subsoil water nurtured by the beautiful nature of Hokkaido. It is so delicious that the locals come in with large empty water bottles.

The space filled with rich aroma. The birth of Sake takes place here.

Stepping into the warehouse, you get wrapped around by the rich Sake aroma.. The encounter with such a pure fragrance generated from water and rice is a unique joy of visiting Sake brewery.

There are fun events all year round at the northernmost sake brewery.

At Kunimare Sake Brewery, we host various events for overseas visitors to experience Japan. Here are some examples:


Business Hours: 9:00 – 17:00
Brewery Tour Hours: 9:00 – 16:30
Closed days
Year-end and New year period, Others (Please contact us)
Tel. +81 (0)164-53-1050
Fax. +81 (0)164-53 2001

Event #1 :
Sake Tasting Corner

Visitors can sample over 10 types of sake from the brewery. Kunimare’s Sake is best matched with seafood. Select your favorite bottle and enjoy your own food paring at home!

Event #2 :
Have fun in Happi Coat

Try on Kunimare’s Happi coat! Visitors can rent happi coat and Japanese tenugui towel for free. Kids sizes are also available. Come and take some fun souvenir photos!

Event#3 :
Local Premier Sake

Kunimare Sake Brewery brews some premier grade sake. They are hard to find even in the local area. The 4 bottles in the photo are also limited products that can only be purchased at the brewery.